Advanced Training

Each of our talented trainers, mentors and coaches has been selected because he or she possesses practical, hands-on experience in their areas of expertise. Plus, our Asset Academy Student Support Services will work with you to help you select the training courses that best meet your goals as well as a course schedule that fits your lifestyle.

10+ Advanced Trainings

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Our Training

The trainings at Asset Academy are designed to help you add to, refine, and strengthen your cash flow generating skills so that you can reach your maximum income-generating potential.

Buy To Let

Developed and run by three BTL experts with decades of combined experience in all aspects of BTL, this training will help you to start building your own sustainable property portfolio. it will also help you manage your BTL business effectively day to day, as well as show you how to keep growing your business using strategies that work in today’s market.

This training features methods for effi cient set up and management of your property portfolio, no matter the size. Learn about the legislation you need to know in order to remain compliant with regulations, as well as procedures and best practise for handling tenants and maximising your income from BTL.


These are a breed of the Buy-To-Let market but by their very nature they are higher cash flowing properties. not-withstanding the benefits there are regulations to grapple with. Get them right and your income can be increased dramatically. Therefore we have designed a specific 3 day course around this strategy. once mastered, these additions to your portfolio can help you to your financial goals.

Asset Academy devised this course in response to a growing market demand for individual units of accommodation. HMOs are used by professionals, trades people, students and there is a growing need for them in the Social Housing sector. Asset Academy is a market leader in the education of investors in the HMO arena. The programme is crammed with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful HMO Portfolio.

Commercial Property

As customers developed their individual strategies Mayflower Education was requested to design an advanced training course looking at why and how to invest in commercial property.

Our Commercial Property course looks at all different aspects of commercial properties and the many facets of generating continued and long term cash flow. This course is highly sought after by our senior customers as they look to diversify and expand their portfolios. A truly great course.

Asset Protection

Three days held in our permanent training facility we will help you create and develop a long term strategic plan that helps protect your hard earned wealth for you, your future and those that matter to you.

The course provides specialists in these areas, and specialists in property taxation. Once completed you may realise that this was the course to do first, it is not always about what you can make but about what you can save!

Creative Finance

Three days of mind blowing techniques & ideas on how to search for, find & negotiate deals with little or none of your own money.

Over 20 years experience went into this course & our UK investors, speakers and customers have been creating and editing these techniques within the UK, Scottish and Irish markets. This course is very popular and not surprisingly, we will teach you how any deal can be possible, how any purchase can be achieved regardless of the value, and how you can do it.

This course is a very interactive course, over the 3 days we show many examples, of what has been achieved, how these deals were structured and how they were negotiated. A very popular course with some highly motivated and successful instructors. A must for any investor!

Lease Options

This course was designed just over three years ago and has begun to revolutionise the UK property markets. As the only educators on Lease Options, we have taught most of the current UK investors in this strategy.

Rent to Rent & Serviced Accomodation

This interactive training effectively delivers the concepts of operating properties that you do not own yourself with the objective of making a positive cash flow each month by adopting the Serviced Accommodation or Let 2 Multi-let (HMO) strategies. The course goes on further to show how the Serviced Accommodation strategy can be applied to properties that you may already own or are thinking of owning in the future; highlighting the benefits (and the pitfalls to be aware of) with real life examples. One of the primary goals of the course is to give you a ‘business in a box’ with all the tools needed upon attending to go out and implement the strategies discussed. The course is delivered by two successful property investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Social Housing

This 3 day specialist BUY-TO-LET course is designed and delivered by experienced Social Housing investors. It aims to equip established and aspiring investors alike, with the knowhow to build good cash-flowing portfolios in a dynamic market. Investors in the sector benefi t from access to ‘tools’ that are unique to this strategy and with increasing numbers of working tenants now needing  Housing Benefits top ups to pay rising rents, the Social Housing strategy is definitely ‘mainstream’!

This course continues to develop in response to significant changes taking place in the UK – from the weak economy, changing employment patterns and Welfare Reforms amongst others, and will be highly benefi cial for all investors looking to take action and to invest successfully!