Lock Down Book Club

The lockdown is in full swing so what better time to catch up on some reading! In this blog, Asset Academy speaker Chris Cormack lists his favourite books and why he thinks each of them is so essential to your success.

  1. Why is your WHY so important?

If you do not have a reason, purpose to build your business you will ultimately suffer in the long run, motivation alone will not get you there.

This does not just apply to you and your future business, but within your business, it has a massive responsibility to your success. Unfortunately, most people go around talking about what and how they operate, or how their product works. They are missing a critical point NOBODY cares! 

Let people know WHY you do it, they are then connected, then and then only tell them what and how. Don’t take my word for it here is a must-read – Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek and click here to watch his TED talk.






2. I want to move on BUT can’t!!

Ahhhh…. I’m frustrated, I have done this training, watched that webinar, listened to that podcast but nothing is changing, this does not work…..!! It is a very, very common position people find themselves in. Unfortunately, they are missing a very simple but most overlooked part of success, It starts with you first. This is a golden nugget when it clicks.

You hear people say it’s all about the journey. The ‘journey’ they are talking about is YOU changing and that starts and can only start with your thoughts. Learning about building the business is not your thoughts, that’s data, knowledge. Your thoughts are how you see and process your world around you, it is this coupled with the knowledge that leads to success. If you take a picture of everything in your life you have today that’s the sum total of all your thoughts. So if you want to change what you have today then start changing your thoughts. 

By now you should have read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the secrets in the title – THINK and grow rich NOT Knowledge and Grow Rich! STOP before you rush out and buy it.  You need to do something else first. You need to read/listen to another book first. It really explains it ‘you are the sum total of all your thoughts’ in other words everything you have in your life today comes from your thoughts. It is all explained in this short but amazing book ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allan. If you really want to make significant changes in your life embrace the wise words of James Allan. Written in the 1800’s it is a treasure trove of human nature and the power of our thoughts. Go and get more from all aspects of your life now, change your thoughts then see the world around you change.

As A Man Thinketh by James Allan ~ 


Free Audio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VNmeWs41TywiRFurwtXkYHZoj9XyhJRd?usp=sharing 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill ~ 

Kindle Edition


Free Audio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V0DcLA1Ec6iF7EXwWIdXaBP4Wpm22W6n?usp=sharing 


3. Action, Action, Action – How Much?

Just taking action is the best way to get going. If you are waiting to get everything into line before you start I can assure you that day will never come, just take action now. What action? Well simply follow the system, the steps you have been shown. Fine tune your action, especially communication because if doors are not opening then you are not using the correct language structure. 

The question on top of this is, well how much action. A lot more than you are taking now and a lot more than you think. Unfortunately we are lulled into a false expectation of effort to reward because of the internet world we live in. We are all fed through the internet belief if you do this it will happen yesterday, instant gratification and people buy it. That is not the case, let’s get real, there are long hard hours in any successful business that people do not see. 

In Grant Cardone book The 10X Rule he discusses the need to multiply your effort 10 fold. As he quotes “Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you” another way he puts it “success does not happen to you, success happens because of you” and it takes action, massive action and only you can do it. How does he manage this, he believes success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility! Now will that make YOU take the ACTION


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