Asset Academy has 24 mentors to choose from, each proficiently competent in property investing. Every mentor has chosen certain specialities of their own with a couple specifically active within the Scottish and Irish markets. With average marks over 9/10 for the three days and over 85% of all students offering on properties during these 3 days, it is little wonder that these trainings are so popular.

24+ Professional Mentors

9+ Mentorships Every Week

7,500+ Advanced Students Trained

The one-on-one Mentorship Programme is unsurpassed within the UK with rigorous and stringent rules operating in relation to the menteeā€™s qualifications and actions during these special trainings. Each mentor is a full time investor with a sizable portfolio and will have bought various different investments using all of the techniques taught by Asset Academy. What will the mentor share with you?

Everything you need to know about investing in your chosen area and with your chosen strategy, whether coming as a novice or as a seasoned investor already. Through our helpline they will contact you before hand to understand your requirements, where you would like to invest, what strategy you would like to employ and with what resources.

Once fully prepared, both you and the mentor will then embark on an amazing 3 days that will change your life.