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Regardless of if you are brand new, know nothing about property, own 1-2 houses or own 10 or more houses. This instant watch webinar I have created will help you to achieve change in your life and literally change your circumstances. You have to grab the opportunity available to you at this moment in time. Whether that is to go on to buy one house, build a large portfolio or create a generational portfolio that can be handed down to the kids - it all starts with learning how to do it right, smart and effectively. Most people have only one strategy in property - save a deposit and buy a property (then repeat). How much are you losing though? - time, money and experiences - by following this one model. It could be that you are struggling to even save a deposit in the first place. Either way you are here because you want to know how to get a Quick Start in property. On this instant watch webinar I will show you 8 Steps that helped me understand how to go on to build a multi-million pound portfolio in a short space of time.

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If you are reading this right now and have any desire to invest in property, build a portfolio and grow a business for any of the reasons highlighted below regardless of if you are new or experienced - you must join me on this instant watch webinar

  • Brand new & getting started
  • leave your job
  • expand your portfolio
  • financial security
  • passive income strategies
  • motivated to quickstart

''I massively endorse the work Dr Ro does, a real specialist...not only someone who invests in property by can also teach it effectively...I worked with coaches throughout my career to ensure peak performance in everything I did including olympic athletics and business...Dr Ro who is not just a great speaker but an incredible coach...I hope you enjoy working with him because I know he will help you improve your get a quick start in property''.

Steve backley OBE & Roger black mbe

Olympic athletes, Performance Coaches & Founders for Perform in Property

What you will learn on this instant watch webinar

Latest Property Statistics

Forget what you read in the papers, I will show you statistics that are relevant to budding professional investors, meaning you do not get distracted by the false noise and generalised headlines.

Up-To-Date Strategies

I will show you property strategies that work in the current market. We all know someone who bought property in the 90's for cheap. But I will introduce you to strategies that mean you can still profit from property today.

Critical Property Indicators

99% of investors buy based on 'what the estate agents says'. Join me and I will show you how the 1% analyse the market by looking at critical indicators meaning you will have more confidence when you buy.

8 Step Process for Success

This is where you need to have your pen and paper at the ready. I will share with you the exact 8 step process I went through to achieve success as a professional property investor over the last 20 years plus. 

Best Passive Income Strategies

I will show you why the UK is an incredible market for income generating strategies. Meaning you can go on and learn how to add more income into your life and change your financial situation.

Best Cash Generation Strategies

To build a sustainable property business you will need a balance between income and cash generation. Cash generation means you can potentially replace your annual salary through buying now the right properties.

Real Life Deal Examples

Because I have now trained thousands of successful property investors, I am grateful to have property coaches and past delegates, share with me their deal examples to help inspire you to take the same steps they did.

Next Action Steps to Quick Start Your Investing

I will share with you the exact next steps you need to take in order to experience a QuickStart in your property investing desires. By taking these steps you can go on to become a professional investor and business owner.

Register now and discover Dr Ro's 8 Steps to Property Success

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Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Having worked with a mentor over 20 years ago, Dr Ro went on to build a diverse million pound plus portfolio. Including acquiring 40+ properties in his first year. As he walked the walk he was invited to speak globally along side Roberty Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Les Brown and more - on the subject of property investing and wealth education.

Dr Ro is trusted to deliver education on behalf of these prolific wealth educators

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